Exo is a conceptual sweet drink for a dystopian future. Prototyped and exhibited at the international sweets and snacks trade fair, ISM Cologne.
In a dystopian futuristic scenario, where people long for control in their life. Exo is an experience catered for decadence. Where users create a new life and consume it at their leisure.
The design brief requested for a product and packaging. Catering to a future luxury market, the design was minimalist and sterile. This was shown through the materials, colours, and interaction.
The prototype was designed with an exhibition setting in mind. Hence the appearance, the ambience, and the aesthetics had to match the narrative of the product.
Exo placed in the timeline along the year 2180, is an Imaginative concept that will allow users to have the power to create and destroy at will.
ISM Cologne, 2018

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